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2018 Litters

These litters were born in December 2017 but old enough to go home in 2018 so I put them here.


Cama Blue Water X Cama Blue Lagoon

Born 21 December 2017


RuBY's Skid Row X RuBY's Voyager

23 December 2017


RuBY's Tyrion X RuBY's Irish Sea

26 December 2017


Cama Mars X RuBY's Tiny Pants

27 December 2017


Cama Sirus X Cama Dory

1 January 2018


RuBY's Keplers Law X RuBY's Scout

3 May 2018


RuBY's Tuna Casserole X RuBY's Daenerys

4 May 2018


RuBY's Phoenix Cama X RuBY's City Kitten

9 May 2018


RuBY's Phoenix X RuBY's Britany Fox

15 May 2018

All Reserved


RuBY's Nader X Titania

6 July 2018


Jon Snow X Irish Sea

12 July 2018

One Hairless Boy Available


Cama Blackie X RuBY's Marshal

1 August 2018

2 babies born. Keeping both


RuBY's Chicken N Waffles X RuBY's Recruit

5 August 2018

Keeping and reserved for other breeders


Cama Blackie X RuBY's Tesla

7 August 2018


RuBY's Drogo X RuBY's Deanerys

19 August 2018


RuBY's Surf N Turf X RuBY's Maple Donut

23 August 2018


RuBY's Jon Snow X RuBY's City Kitten

23 August 2018


RuBY's Dreams In The Dark X Cama Isabella

7 October 2018


RuBY's Super Nova X RuBY's Elara

11 November 2018


Cama Blackie X RuBY's City Kitten

12 November 2018


RuBY's Dreams In The Dark X RuBY's Sister Christan

12 November 2018


Cama Blackie X Cama Paris

30 November 2018


Cama Teddy Bear X RuBY's Sanza

2 December 2018

Cama Blackie X RuBY's Cressida

21 December 2018